Company formation

If you are thinking about doing business in Norway or Sweden - you have come to the right place.


Choosing the right company structure is important both regarding managing risk and tax issues. If you plan to operate in Norway or Sweden– especially when delivering services – you will in Norway need a Norwegian company to issue invoices, handle VAT issues and meet other requirements.

There are different requirements depending on what kind of company you will establish. In general there are two suitable company structures for foreigners – either NUF/SUF or AS/AB.


A NUF is a Norwegian Registered Foreign Company (NRFC) and is considered a branch of a foreign company. This means that it is a part of an already existing company. This is relevant if you want to extend an existing company to Norway, and it is also the only company structure that will allow avoidance of taxation to Norway, in certain cases. Read more about NUF here.


An AS or AB is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and is an independent company owned by its shareholders. The risk is limited to this company only, and is generally perceived as a better/safer client than that to a NUF. In terms of operating this is normally a better choice if you want a permanent establishment in Norway or Sweden. Read more about AS here. If you need help with registering an AS, click here.